In love, in life and in our careers we sometimes settle for less than we deserve. This is perhaps due to the fact that many of us have looked at the dating market, and based on what we’ve seen, the person we’re currently seeing is “good enough” compared to the rest.

However, you just can’t seem to shake this awful feeling like there someone better out there, and that you’re just settling for your current relationship. These feelings can manifest into a superiority complex that is sure spell disaster on the road head, usually cheating and verbal abuse.

If you’ve noticed any of the following signs, then it’s time to reconsider your relationship and perhaps move forward:

You have a wandering eye: It’s not like your current partner is any less attractive, however you’re constantly noticing there out more attractive folks out there. You’re also noticing that you’re starting to flirt more, and you feel satisfied by this behavior because it affirms that you can do better.

Your friends agree – Your partner is a great person, but your friends have told you or have hinted that you can do a lot better. Friends will tell you this information by indirectly making fun of your partner’s shortcomings while expressing how awesome you are. Even if it’s not your friends saying that you can do better, its strangers. You may hear them saying something like, “What’s he/she doing with him/her?”

You criticize your partner – Because you think you’re somewhat better than your partner, you expect them to behave to in manner that meets your expectations. You often criticize, when the person you should be criticizing is yourself for fooling yourself into thinking that you could be with someone whom you weren’t all that interested in to begin with.

Love is never about someone being better than the other, and if you think that this is where you’re relationship is heading then run for the exit sign now, or communicate the problems.
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