When it comes to finding true romance, you should never settle for anything less than you deserve. You have every right to be with someone who deeply appreciates and accepts for all your strengths and weaknesses. However, many of us tend to settle for second best when we don’t have love for ourselves i.e. we let our insecurities get the best of us and dictate what we think we’re worthy of. Knowing yourself means knowing what you want in a partner, and without respecting yourself, how is anyone else supposed to respect you?

So if you’re currently in a relationship because you’re in a rush to get married, buy a house and have babies, then you seriously need to consider how much you really care for your partner or whether you know deep down inside that this isn’t what you want.

Look out for the following signs:

You crave alone time: Sometimes being with your partner feels like a tedious hair-pulling exercise. Little things irritate you, and all you want to do is be alone or with your friends. If you don’t like spending time with your partner now, then you still won’t like it a couple years down the road.

You want to change your partner: You really believe your partner has to improve a few things like losing weight, quitting smoking, being more outgoing, finding a better job, and so forth. You also believe that you’re the only person that can help them do this. People don’t change that easily, and if you can’t accept them as they are then leave them be.

You make excuses: Listen carefully to what you tell friends and family members about the person you’re dating. If someone points out a particular flaw, you’ll quickly jump to the defensive and rationalize your partner’s shortcomings. You’ll make your partner seem like the victim of a terrible childhood, or the product of particular rough patch. No one is buying this, they only see it as you justifying to yourself why you’re still with this person.
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