The Kama Sutra is a book that s widely known for its intricate sexual positions and giving couples the ability to try out new sensations and ways to connect to one another. To a lot of people it is intimidating and they are afraid to try using it. Can you use the Kama Sutra? Of course you can, just do it. If you and your partner are in a trusting relationship then it should easy, but even if you just have a hookup buddy then you can still use it. Either way the positions are there to enhance your pleasure.

Experimenting with different positions can be a fun and pleasurable experience. It doesn’t have to be the most complicated one in the book. Just find those that you are comfortable with. Some of the positions are more about making love then carnal pleasure. They may force the couple to make constant eye contact or face one another in different more intimate ways. There are of course the added perks of increased intensity with your orgasms and the ability to go longer. The point is the Kama sutra doesn’t have to be intimidating, it can be a learning experience and a great way to enhance your sex life.

You may have seen the book in a store like Spencer’s and thought that it wasn’t really for you. Some people look at the Kama Sutra as a joke a lot of people give them as gag gifts, but it actually is a great tool for the bedroom. If you can get past the laughing, which is also great for foreplay, then you will actually find that you not only can use the Kama Sutra in your sex life, but you can learn from it and most importantly enjoy yourself.