They say working out is the best way to fight depression. However, sex burns 360 calories per hour. But most people who have been in a relationship over a year are lucky to have sex once a week. Most of these people say they’re too tired by the time they get the chance, for example those with children, or those who work a job with long hours or two jobs trying to make bills and keep food on the table. Or maybe you have body image issues and the idea of being naked and getting up close and sexual is a lot to deal with for you. Or perhaps you’re just not that horny all the time!

For me, to be in a constant state of arousal I have to have sex on a more than regular basis. Nightly if not more often. So if you relationship is struggling in the sexual department try testing yourself and your honey bunny to see what the cause may be. Not often do we know and less than often do we want to talk about it. Sometimes out right saying, what’s wrong with our sex life is going to insult one or both parties and then sex is going to really drop for a while.

To start with, MAKE time for a five minute quickie every day for a week. Right before bed, in the shower, wherever. In face the more unique the location the more exciting it will be. On top of the washer while doing laundry. On the kitchen counter or bathroom counter. Or in the middle of the living room, drop your pants bend over grab your ankles and hold on while he rails you from behind for a minute. Blow him a kiss and go on about your day.
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