There are several benefits of sleeping in the nude. Some people are too shy to sleep in the buff. Even if they just finished making love they will immediately run for the bathroom clothes in hand to redress and become presentable again. This can actually be a turn off for some partners, but most of all it is really inconvenient. When you sleep in the nude next to your partner you feel close to one another. The best part is that you are ready to go when you wake up or in the middle of the night if the mood hits.

If you really enjoy your flannel pajama sets then you may have to slowly wean yourself from clothing. Start by sleeping in shorts and a t-shirt if you can get used to it. After that you can start sleeping in panties and a tee. Keep going until you are finally comfortable sleeping in the buff. You will feel relaxed and it is actually pretty empowering to sleep in the nude. You might find that you don’t miss clothes that much and if you have nice soft sheets it is even better. Liberate yourself from your clothes for an evening and live like the nudists do!

If you are shy about being nude around your partner, then you may just want to try it alone one night and see how you like it. It is freeing and comfortable but some people are concerned someone might come in and see them. There is nothing to confine you and movement is easy. In the end it is up to you, but if you try sleeping in the nude you may never go back to donning pajamas again.