There are sometimes when a guy can be a little more into you then you are comfortable with. I am not saying he has a shrine of you up in his bedroom, but it is always possible. It can be hard not to accidentally encourage a guy who really likes you because he will often grasp at straws to find things you are doing that show you like him. Even if you are just being nice he might take it as you are into him. This can be a scary situation if even after you politely decline he still won’t leave you alone. Here are some things to look out for if you are friends with a guy, or if you are just starting to date someone who is more into you then you are into him.

If he occasionally calls you or calls you right after a date then it isn’t too strange. You would think he would want to wait a couple of days but this is not really a red flag. If he calls you repeatedly after the first date, then it is starting to get a little weird. Constantly wanting to be in contact with you is scary. If you have blown him off or decided you don’t want to date him anymore it can be very scary. Other things you can look for that are alarming include always wanting to know where you are and what you are doing. If you have only been seeing each other for a couple weeks or you are not even dating then it is cause for concern.

Sometimes overzealous men can show up unannounced and it can become difficult for you to avoid them. You can feel trapped and helpless, but you should never let them win. If you can let down a guy gently when he starts to get too attached then you might be able to avoid this stage. If someone is making you uncomfortable try telling them. If they are still continuing their pursuit of you then make a point to not be alone and involve law enforcement if their advances or messages become threatening. It is always better to be safe than sorry.